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Hard-to-reach audience: Reached

March 2022 – March 2023
Hard-to-reach audience: Reached

We Can Do This, one of the largest federal public health education campaigns, built confidence in COVID vaccines. Fors Marsh hired Odney to engage and educate rural audiences through creative development and partnership management.

The average truck driver is twice as likely to live in rural areas of the South or Midwest and more likely to have health conditions that increase their risk for severe COVID. Constantly on the go, this rural audience is hard to reach. 

Our team partnered with Healthy Trucking of America (HTA), which has provided health and wellness awareness to the professional truck-driving community for more than 25 years. An integrative approach with HTA included in-person engagement and maximizing HTA digital channels, influencer connections, and phone communication networks to share campaign messages and promote vaccine clinics.

The campaign won big. Odney successfully managed workstreams between three agencies: NASCAR, Phoenix Raceway and Healthy Trucking of America. We reached 150,000 fans through geo-conquest ads, a trackside billboard, PA announcements, three booths, walking staff with SWAG and brochures, and earned media.



brochures distributed at NASCAR Championship Weekend


calls to Healthy Trucking of America's Call Center


reached at six events