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Public Affairs

Be heard where it matters most. Odney’s public affairs team understands how to successfully navigate government channels to drive change. Our expertise includes government relations, strategic communications, issue management and information dissemination.
  • Advocacy
  • Government Affairs
  • Issue Management & Coalition Building
  • Lobbying
  • Regulatory Policy
  • Strategic Consulting
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Government Affairs

With bipartisan reach and deep understanding of North Dakota's key issues, we navigate the political landscape to your benefit. Whether lobbying locally, statewide or federally, our experienced team achieves results. We connect with decision-makers, rally supporters, leverage grassroots backing, and forge coalitions for successful policy outcomes. Additionally, our team helps you enhance industry relations using our extensive business networks to facilitate connections and foster lasting partnerships.

Issue Management

Odney's Public Affairs team excels in coalition building and issue management, uniting stakeholders to tackle complex challenges. Our strategic approach fosters collaboration among key players to achieve common goals. From identifying shared interests to coordinating efforts, we guide and manage the process effectively. With expertise in navigating diverse issues, we deliver cohesive and impactful strategies for your success. 

Regulatory Policy

We have extensive expertise in regulatory policy, adeptly assisting you through complex regulatory landscapes. Our team excels in analyzing regulations, assessing potential impacts, and developing strategic approaches for compliance and advocacy. With a deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, we provide tailored guidance to help you navigate regulatory processes and achieve favorable outcomes. From policy analysis to engaging with regulatory agencies, we ensure you are well-equipped to address regulatory challenges and accomplish your objectives.

Client Quote

With Odney’s experience and hard work we ended up with optimal outcomes on all fronts. I would recommend their team for any public affairs needs.
— Uber

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