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Digital Marketing

Targeted digital solutions strategically designed to click with your audience. From digital media planning and buying to branded executions that resonate and engage, Odney consistently delivers superior results for your digital marketing investment.
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Audience Segment and Data Management
  • Connected/Streaming Television
  • Email Marketing
  • Geofencing & Location Attribution
  • Keyword Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Programmatic Online Display & Video
  • Streaming Audio
  • Text Message Marketing
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Some audiences are notoriously hard to reach. Our digital team has the tools in-house to get your message in front of them using a variety of targeting methods, including programmatic online display and video. Rather than hoping your audience stumbles across your ad, we serve your ad wherever they are based on their online behaviors (and a little bit of other magic). When our understanding of behaviors meets our in-house capabilities, something great happens. We reach and influence audiences with multiple touchpoints and exposure frequency.

Geofencing & Location Attribution

Members of your target audience gather together at conferences or sports events. Sometimes they visit your competition. And sometimes they just happen to be in the right neighborhood – your neighborhood. When they do, they have location-tracking mobile devices in their hands. Our savvy digital marketing pros use that to your advantage. We can serve ads to your audience based on where they are physically, increasing foot traffic and offline conversions. We can tell when they walk through your door and retarget them when they're most likely to buy.


The days of guessing are gone. You need to know what is working in your digital campaign as it happens. Our digital media experts provide you with continuous monitoring and optimization to serve the best-perfoming ads. We hook you up with real-time reporting dashboards so you can see for yourself how your investment is doing. We evaluate the campaign's performance throughout so we can pivot, parry, adjust and refine our tactics. Our approach works, and we have the metrics to prove it.

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Email Campaign

Email Campaign

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Client Quote

Odney stood out in the initial RFP response and their pitch to our 10-member committee was fully personalized, showing us the focus was on our process and brand, rather than on Odney. Our previous agency of 10 years was developing work that started to blend in with all their other clients' work. We felt forgotten. Odney showed us we were special and wouldn’t get lost in their agency, and we knew we could rely on them for both large projects — like refreshing our image — and small campaigns.
— Prairie Lakes Healthcare System

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