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Inviting message. Innovative media. More visitors.

January 2023 - December 2023
Inviting message. Innovative media. More visitors.

North Dakota is a great place to find outdoor adventure, an uncrowded national park, vibrant cities and communities. It is also tremendously welcoming. In 2023, we helped North Dakota Tourism launch a brand-new campaign titled “Hello,” which introduced audiences to the friendly side of the state. Fresh creative was paired with innovative media strategies to reach a broader audience than ever before with more than 1.5 billion total impressions across multiple channels. 

Though the 2023 budget was 20% lower than 2022, the state saw a 15% increase in visitation in the U.S. along with increases in Canadian border crossings, Theodore Roosevelt National Park visits, air arrivals and hotel occupancy. 



increase in digital ad CTR to website


increase in U.S. visitation


increase in paid video conversions to website


increase in overnight stays

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