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May 29 2024

Why Broadcast TV Still Works in Rural America

In the age of streaming services and endless mobile scrolling, it's easy to assume broadcast television is a relic of the past. 

But here's a secret: for many rural states like North Dakota, broadcast television remains king.  While urban population centers embrace the latest digital trends due to high media costs, rural markets often have affordable media costs and residents who have a deep-rooted trust in local stations. 

Here's why broadcast television deserves a prominent spot in your media strategy, especially when targeting rural markets. 

  • Unmatched Local Reach: Broadcast television covers vast areas, reaching homes with limited or no internet access. This ensures your message reaches a significant portion of the rural population, something digital marketing with its spotty connectivity can't guarantee. 

  • Building Trust and Community: Local news anchors are familiar faces, trusted sources of information, and often seen as part of the community fabric. An ad placed during a local news broadcast benefits from that trust, making your brand seem more relatable and approachable. 

  • Engaging Storytelling: The power of a well-crafted television commercial can't be understated. Broadcast TV allows you to tell your brand story in a captivating way, using visuals and sound to create a lasting impression on viewers. 

  • Complementary to Digital: A proper mix of paid digital and social media along with broadcast television will provide the most reach and effective frequency to raise awareness of your brand and product. 

Rural America represents a significant portion of the American population, and their purchasing power shouldn't be underestimated. By incorporating broadcast television at an affordable cost into your media strategy, you ensure you're not leaving a large and valuable audience on the table.