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Apr 25 2024

Senior Account Executive Knows It’s All About People

Senior Account Executive Beth Simon oversees some extremely complex strategic communication plans. They involve integration of every media type, both paid and earned — with seemingly a thousand things happening all at once, all the time. Doing that requires keeping sight of what’s important. For Beth, it’s people. 

“Our clients, vendors and most of all, the Odney team are what I like most about my job. And thanks to these people,” she says. “I love being able to make a difference in people's lives.” 

Beth’s area of expertise centers on behavioral health — making choices that protect lives, including tobacco cessation and safe driving practices. Her largest client is the North Dakota Department of Transportation – Highway Safety Division, overseeing several traffic safety campaigns about buckling up, driving sober and free from distractions. These campaigns are all part of the state’s Vision Zero initiative to achieve zero fatalities and serious injuries due to motor vehicle crashes.  

As someone who cares deeply about making people’s lives better, Beth is committed to always doing the right thing and doing it well for her clients, colleagues and the audiences we are trying to reach. 

In the pursuit of doing the best job possible, Beth knows the importance of staying on top of changing media and methods to implement them effectively in strategic plans. That includes the pronounced shift over time from traditional media to digital and social media, particularly within the last decade.  

Where does Beth find the drive to keep ahead of these industry changes? Again, it’s the people.  

“The passion of others is my greatest inspiration,” she explains. “I get to work with clients and team members who are extremely knowledgeable in their field, dedicated to the work they do, and are amazing people.” 

In fact, facilitating the back-and-forth sharing of passion and expertise between clients and team members is what she finds most rewarding and fun. 

Beth and her husband Geoff have three children and several grandchildren whom she considers “the light of my life,” as well as a dog and two cats to keep life interesting. Her favorite pastimes include her grandchildren’s activities, spending time with family and friends, her flower gardens and preparing and sharing a great meal with others. 

Considering her biggest dream, Beth says it is to see her kids and grandkids discover their unique gifts, develop those gifts and use them to make this world a better place. So, between work and family, it seems the same things are important to her — and that’s why we can honestly say that she is making the world better.