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Aug 31 2023

Media Director Enjoys New Challenges

Cindy DuPaul

Odney Media Director Cindy DuPaul-Vogelsang says she has a “crazy, busy schedule. But I like that.” That certainly must be true. One of Odney’s earliest employees hired in 1986, she is the longest-serving person here. 

Over the years, Cindy has worked with a wide variety of accounts. She has enjoyed tackling the unique challenges each one brings from one day to the next. One thing that has helped her handle all those challenges is her background in accounting. 

“With planning, placing and auditing, there’s always checks and balances involved when you’re working with budgets,” she explains. 

When Cindy first got into media buying, it was all done by hand. Since then, she and the department she leads have used increasingly advanced software to maximize media efficiency. Odney now plans traditional media (Cindy’s specialty), as well as social and digital media channels that have become key to our clients’ success. 

Away from work, Cindy enjoys going for walks when the temperature in Phoenix, Ariz., drops below triple digits. Fortunately, she can also stay cool inside working on various craft projects including hand embroidery, sometimes working on large projects like a tablecloth or bedspread. When she has the time, she hopes to pursue more interests such as photography and stained glass. 

Cindy’s creative side makes for fun hobbies, and it also motivates her to develop the best media plans for Odney clients. “Great creative has always inspired me to find new ways to showcase it,” she says. 

We couldn’t agree more. 

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