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Taco John's

Potato Olés are for Sharing; Market Share Is for Keeping


Odney has served as the agency of record for Taco John’s original Cheyenne, Wyoming market and the Front Range, Colorado market for more than 20 years. Since Taco John’s was born in Cheyenne, there is a large audience of Taco John’s fans that have grown-up on the brand. However, competition moved into the market and Taco John’s experienced a decline in sales with the insurgence of other quick-serve restaurants (QSRs). Taco John’s needed to target a younger audience who was visiting competing locations and bring them in as a customer.


The digital strategy worked in conjunction with traditional media advertising to build brand identity and increase awareness of Taco John’s as a restaurant option in the Front Range, Colorado and Cheyenne, Wyoming markets. The purpose was to promote specific products and motivate online users to visit a nearby location to make a purchase. The plan targeted qualified users across multiple channels to visit their nearest location and make a purchase.


The digital campaign included a highly targeted method to build awareness and ultimately drive in-store traffic. Location targeting was used within this strategy so that we were able to geofence each location within the market. In addition, mobile location history was used to target specific individuals who have previously dined at Taco John’s, other general QSRs and specific competitor QSRs such as Taco Bell. A tracking pixel was placed on the website, so that retargeting could be executed in conjunction with the awareness campaign. This tactic was targeted at users who visited the Taco John’s website. Paid digital media plays an important role in the overall marketing mix. One of the primary objectives is to drive traffic to the website where intent can be quantified through tracking of specific user activities and interest.
Taco John's - Loaded NachosTaco John's - SeafoodTaco John's - LOPTaco John's Companion BannerTaco John's - Street Tacos


Online and Offline success metrics were used to determine clicks to the website, engagement, costs, video completions as well as location attribution details. Ultimately this data showed how much in-store traffic was generated by the digital media executions within the plan and sales by location.

In total the digital campaign attributed 78,375 in store visits to the Taco Johns stores. Brand lift increased by 711%, with each incremental new customer visit costing Taco John’s around $3.81. 79% of users spent between 5-31 minutes in the store and it took approximately 0-3 days for 43% of users to visit the store from the time they were served an ad.


in-store visits

with 79% of users spending 5-31 minutes in store


brand uplift

compared to an industry average of 11-44%


users converted

within 0-3 days

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