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Cramer for U.S. Senate Campaign

How Odney Helped Bring Change to the U.S. Senate


Kevin Cramer hired Odney in 2018 for his U.S. Senate race to change and shape the way people think and vote to help him win his campaign and become North Dakota’s U.S. Senator.


Knowing Cramer’s awareness was high, we did our research to understand what motivated people to vote. With that information, we targeted specific voter audiences for various creative executions to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right message. The primary goal was to increase voter participation for Cramer and motivate North Dakotans to vote Cramer.


Our strategy was to change voting behavior and build support for Cramer with paid digital and social media campaigns and the right traditional media-mix for his campaign for U.S. Senate. By applying behavioral, demographic, contextual and geographic filters to reach those precise target audiences, we created more voters for our candidate. The strategy included the use of voter data lists to create custom audiences and build look-alike audiences from those lists, along with developing the right messaging that resonated with key audiences at different times during the campaign.


Targeting specific audiences on social and digital, we utilized video campaigns sending traffic to the website to learn more, donate, volunteer and motivate to vote for Cramer. These video campaigns included working with digital vendors, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram advertising with a mobile first strategy. For traditional media we developed advertisements for TV, radio and print, along with utilizing detailed audience lists with email marketing, reaching voters with a research-based marketing strategy using the right channels.



of North Dakotans voted for Cramer

Kevin Cramer successfully won the election with an 11% (55 to 44) margin against a popular incumbent with 5 times the money to become North Dakota’s U.S. Senator.

Social Results

  • Over 6 million impressions
  • Reached over 660,000 people
  • 1.5 million videos views
  • 7 x the average click-through rate
  • 2.9 million video plays

Digital Results

  • Nearly 13 million impressions
  • Reached over 1,250,000 people
  • 3.5 million video completions
  • Over 28,000 click-throughs

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