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North Dakota Department of Health

This Campaign Brought Out the Best in North Dakotans - for Each Other


The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) was seeking a marketing partner to help create a campaign that educated North Dakotans on COVID-19 etiquette. They also needed materials created for a COVID-19 vaccine campaign. Eleven agencies responded to the NDDoH request for proposal and Odney was chosen to assist them in this effort.   

While enforcing the importance of coming together and helping each other safely during a pandemic, Odney was expected to work with the ever-changing protocols and misinformation and develop a campaign that ‘brought back kindness.’ 
  • Campaign Dates: September 28 – April 11, 2021 
  • Contract Budget: $1,745,000 

The Task / Challenge

North Dakota residents had mixed feelings about the COVID 19 messaging they were receiving based on their own beliefs regarding the pandemic. Some became angry about mask-wearing, not wanting to be told what to do.  
  • Challenge #1: How to educate on COVID-19 etiquette without scolding or mask-shaming. 
  • Challenge #2: A very limited amount of time to create a concept, get media produced and begin the campaign.  
  • Challenge #3: Information about COVID-19 etiquette and COVID-19 vaccine development changed rapidly. Ensure the latest, scientific facts were used while developing the messaging.  
Odney was tasked with creating two campaigns, the first an all-in-one campaign that would resonate well with all North Dakota residents and motivate them to follow COVID-19 guidelines. The second a campaign to promote the COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare workers, the 65+ population, the general population (ages 16 – 64) and Native Americans. 

The Solution

To promote the many ways residents could help stop the spread of COVID-19, Odney developed an overall campaign titled, “North Dakotans Help Each Other.” All media efforts were geared toward educating North Dakotans in a positive way. We sent them to the website to learn more and find resources available to help stop the spread of  COVID-19 in North Dakota.  

As the next state of the partnership, Odney developed a significant number of campaign materials for the COVID-19 vaccine, targeting healthcare workers, the 65+ population, the general population (ages 16 – 64) and Native Americans. We focused our messaging on the science and safety of the vaccine and how getting the vaccine will help us ‘take control’ and ‘protect the vulnerable.’  

For each campaign we developed a multi-channel marketing plan including placements such as state-wide broadcast television, radio, newspaper, billboards, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and TikTok) and programmatic digital (online display and mobile, streaming audio, online video, CTV (Connected Television) and Native). 

Covid Etiquette Billboard

Neightbors helping Neighbors Billboard

Covid Etiquette Video

Vaccine Video

Print Ads/Posters

Vaccine Print COVID Poster Vaccine General Public Healthcare Workers

The Results

Paid campaign run dates:  
North Dakotans Help Each Other and COVID-19 Vaccine Campaigns:  
November 2, 2020– April 11, 2021 

Digital Media Performance: 
  • Delivered over 73 million impressions via online display, rich media, video, streaming audio, email, native display and video, and digital sponsorships 
  • Generated nearly 115,000 visits to the website 
  • The CTR was 0.16%, double the industry benchmark 
  • Video completions of nearly 850,000 with a CVC of $0.02 
Social Media Performance: 
  • Reached 600,349 unique individuals, nearly 77% of North Dakota’s population 
  • Delivered over 8.6 million impressions on all social platforms combined 
  • An ad recall rate average of 17.45%, nearly double the average rate 
  • Below average costs per click, costs per 1,000 impressions and costs per video view. 
The November 2, 2020 North Dakota COVID-19 report showed the Daily Positivity Rate was 12.6% with 215 North Dakotans hospitalized. On December 30, only 96 were hospitalized and the Daily Positivity Rate had fallen to 4.7%.  

As of May 12, 2021 North Dakota has administered 566,280 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine with a total of 259,721 fully vaccinated.  

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