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Mid Dakota Clinic Social Media

The Results Came Back Positive: This Social Media Campaign Worked


We have utilized paid digital and social media tactics to support Mid Dakota Clinic's multi-faceted media campaigns to educate the public on the services Mid Dakota Clinic provides and increase brand awareness.


Along with using a content calendar and post plan to support our paid campaigns with an organic strategy, we saw an opportunity to increase brand awareness using TV ads in paid social media video campaigns and a keyword marketing strategy to support the campaigns with digital. These campaigns promoted Mid Dakota Clinic as the doctors you know and trust and educated the public on the various service lines Mid Dakota Clinic offers to their patients.


We utilized videos for all the paid social media campaigns. As video options continue to expand on social media, we knew having a video presence to reach our target audience would be effective. With the video campaigns, we targeted the same demographics and geographical locations as the other media channels to build on the message, increasing the reach.

Various keyword strategies were built to reach consumers that were searching Mid Dakota Clinic, specifically, as well as consumers who were searching for information on various service lines that Mid Dakota Clinic provides.


Mid Dakota Clinic's brand and service lines were both promoted through a multi-media campaign that used TV, radio, print social media and keyword marketing with digital advertising. The messaging and creative emphasized the importance of receiving healthcare at a facility with doctors you know and trust and educating the public about the service lines.


Our online digital and social media strategy was a huge success. The paid social media video campaigns have reached over a 4.0% click-through rate, averaging a $0.46 cost-per click. The ads received over 536,595 engagements, 1.1 million impressions, 42,132 clicks to the website and reached 130,802 people within the target audience.



1.1 million impressions, 42,132 click-throughs to the website



within the target audience

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