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Earthforce (Bobcat)

Digital Ads: Putting an Aftermarket Brand Before the Competition


In 2018 Earthforce sought to build brand awareness among potential customers who were seeking aftermarket skid-steer parts. As a relatively new brand to the market, Earthforce had a network of dealers to sell their product but were looking to gain additional customers through their e-commerce site.


Earthforce hired Odney to develop a highly targeted digital campaign to build brand awareness and drive visits and conversions on their e-commerce site, to ultimately increase brand retention, sales and revenue.


At Odney, our strategies are always data driven. Using results from previous Earthforce digital campaigns such as where customers were coming from, where they dropped off from the site before making a purchase, and how they were making purchases online, our team was able to develop a digital campaign that specifically targeted users who were looking for parts for two particular skid-steer brands. We tailored the campaign to serve Earthforce ads directly to those consumers seeking those specific brands via online behavior and dealer location conquesting.


The primary campaign tactic consisted of serving behaviorally targeted online display, mobile and pre-roll video across multiple screens to custom audience segments within specific industries. This tactic provided the targeted reach needed to raise brand awareness and used insights learned from previous campaigns to engage the online user on the right device at the right moment.

The search and purchase behavior from prior campaigns indicated that the users most likely to purchase Earthforce parts were specific competitive equipment owners. Using competitive dealer location data that we had access to, we competitively conquested known in-store visitors who purchased their product within a brick and mortar dealer. This allowed us to geo-target dealer locations and retarget actual customers/walk-in traffic with Earthforce ads once they left the building.

Another tactic that we incorporated was to contextually target online users who have contributed to online discussions or have contributed sentiment to an online discussion regarding equipment relating to Bobcat and their competitors. This tactic incorporated the necessary data to know when to place an ad in front of an online user who was involved in the discussion. This allowed us to competitively conquest competitive brands and other related terms to increase share-of-voice within the correct industry verticals.


Website traffic generated by the digital campaign was 83.2% of all traffic with 54,576 sessions, of which 46,499 were new users that had not accessed the site before. This accounts for 84.5% of all new users. Revenue generated by the site year-to-date was more than $61,000.00 on 125 unique purchases for an Average Order Value of nearly $500.00, which was higher than unassisted sales. The campaign drove qualified traffic at an efficient rate of $0.98 per click by avoiding higher cost generic keywords and context and by concentrating on specific products within a very competitive environment.


of website traffic

was generated by the digital campaign


new website users

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