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Feb 27 2024

Jackie Hawkinson on Ruling the Roost

Jackie Hawkinson has been in the advertising and marketing biz since 1989. So, basically from the beginning of time. She was hired fresh-faced and full of potential by Kranzler Saueressig, a brand-new advertising agency in Bismarck, ND.  

Jackie worked her way up to vice president of operations and had 35 years with the company (which became Kranzler Kingsley Communications Ltd. and then KK BOLD) when it was acquired last year by Odney. She is still as fresh-faced as ever, and all that potential is currently being fulfilled in her position at Odney as controller. She keeps things running smoothly as part of the administration team, working largely with client billing. Her expertise has also been very useful in streamlining processes and procedures within the department. 

Jackie says the most important thing she brings to the table is positivity. We can attest to that. It’s cliche, but Jackie is consistently a ray of sunshine at the office, and we’ve learned it’s best not to underestimate how important the right attitude is to a team of professionals.  

One of Jackie’s passions, besides crunching numbers, is doing crunches. See what we did there? So clever, right?! Jackie has been a fitness guru of sorts for quite a while. Health and wellness are so important to her that in 2018 she and her husband, Don, bought Lincoln Fitness, a 24-hour fully equipped fitness facility in Lincoln, ND. Jackie teaches several group fitness classes per week and spends many hours at her gym working on her fitness and helping others with theirs. When asked what superpower she’d choose, she replied, “I wish I had a healing touch.” Seems as if she already does.  

When she isn’t working or working out, she’s either at her lake cabin, spending time with her two daughters and son, or taking care of her chickens. We surprised you with the chickens, didn’t we? Jackie lives outside city limits and has a hobby farm where she raises chickens!  

She currently has 14 chickens of many breeds and collects about eight colorful eggs each day. She says she likes how the Silkies look but other breeds have better personalities. She says her chickens are her pets and she loves them. They follow her around the yard expecting treats and even do tricks! Several Odney employees will occasionally bring their dogs to the office, but chickens, that would be exciting! Maybe Jackie can hook us up with a coop in the parking lot.