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Nov 15 2023

How to Remedy the Recruitment Challenge Today

Recruitment challenges in today's job market present an opportunity for marketing professionals to play a critical role in the workforce. What we’ve learned from our experience with the North Dakota Department of Commerce between tourism and the workforce is what gets people to visit, gets people to stay.

Once someone visits a place, they are more likely to move family there. Knowing this, how do we reach the right audience and get them to make the move? Here's how marketers can address these challenges and help their organizations thrive: 

Digital Media: Marketing can leverage digital platforms and tools for targeted recruitment advertising and social media campaigns to reach potential candidates more effectively. With geo-conquesting, first party data and partnership strategies, digital and social campaigns are a proven tactic in recruitment efforts today.  

Diversity and Inclusion: Promoting a company's commitment to diversity and inclusion in its marketing materials can attract a wider range of candidates who value these principles. Marketing can attract candidates from a larger talent pool by promoting the company's national and international presence and commitment to diversity. 

Retention: Marketing can help promote employee engagement programs and success stories within the company to boost retention rates. Media matters, but it’s not all about media. Recruitment is a process from top to bottom. Once people are here, it’s critical we get them to stay.  

Agility: Marketing can adapt swiftly to changing recruitment trends, ensuring that job listings, branding, and online presence remain current and appealing to potential candidates. Whether it’s changing creative to reach a specific targeted audience, updating website content that reflects workforce needs and opportunities, or developing relationships with new partnerships, pivoting is key to recruitment success. 

Just like in any marketing effort, monitoring, reporting, and analyzing what’s working and what’s not on a consistent basis is a critical part of the equation. Marketing can be a powerful ally in overcoming recruitment challenges by strategically positioning the company, enhancing its appeal to candidates, and creating a compelling employer brand. By working hand in hand with recruitment teams, HR, and partners, marketers can contribute significantly to attracting and retaining top talent in this competitive environment.