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Nov 02 2023

Art, Tech and Super Attention to Detail

Austin Binstock has superpowers. No, he doesn’t have an alter ego. He can’t fly, scale up to a giant size or do any kind of lightning bolt karate move. And he doesn’t wear a stretchy superhero suit — at least not at the office. 

But you should see him with a Mac, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5 and a good creative brief. 

As a long-time graphic designer for Odney, Austin has developed the look of many successful brands and ad campaigns, both traditional and digital. Not only is he creative with big-picture concepting and skilled with things like color theory and typography, but he is also intensely detail-oriented. 


“The most important skill I can possibly bring is my extreme attention to detail in each aspect of my job,” he says. Anyone who works with him might make the same observation: Austin never misses a thing. 

Still, we all know his true superpower comes from his love for art and technology.  

“I'm inspired by all the artistic visuals that I stuff into my eye sockets each day by way of social media and manga,” Austin says. “Akira Toriyama's works are a constant inspiration that fuels my productivity even if somewhat unrelated.” 

For those not in the know, Toriyama is an artist of Japanese manga, a graphic novel style closely related to video anime. It’s a style Austin likes to practice in his free time in his own artwork.  

Apart from practicing his craft, Austin enjoys hanging out with his family, diving deep into their many hobbies of movies, games, anime, comics, travel and cosplay.  

“Halloween is our Christmas,” he declares unapologetically.  

Austin and his wife had the opportunity to vacation a few years ago in Japan — a place he calls his Mecca, partly because it’s the place where manga and anime originated. He dreams of going back for another visit with their whole family. If only he had the power of teleportation. Until then, he will be wearing shorts and a graphic tee (not a cape) at his desk and working to make Odney’s clients look super.