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Dec 11 2023

Adventures in Web Design

Kayce Duncan has a love of beautiful places, particularly in the Pacific Northwest where she earned her degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Seattle. Her aptitude and affinity for the arts also led her to an interest in photography.  
Now, living in Great Falls, MT, she has no shortage of beautiful places to visit and photograph. Landscape photography is her subject of choice, and she has some amazing photos of the northern lights. She also has some pretty interesting stories of capturing those middle-of-the-night photos with yipping coyotes and rattlesnakes for company. But it takes more to scare her away than some wild animals. Ok, she did head back to the car in quick fashion when she heard the rattlesnake.

As Senior Web Developer at Odney, Kayce’s artistic eye helps with her work on websites. Her prior position at KK Bold, before Odney’s acquisition of the company, gave her years of experience as a front-end web developer as well as experience building sites in WordPress. Having these skills gives her the freedom to give Odney clients a website with a fully customizable JavaScript framework or a WordPress site with the advantage of a faster build.
Northern Lights

Kayce says the most important skills she brings to the table are “a compassion for the user and a trained eye for design. I love to think about accessibility and user experience in creating websites that are easy and intuitive to use.” She also loves working on a variety of projects for a wide range of clients. “My job is never boring!”

That search for excitement goes beyond her web development to her adventures across Montana and the U.S. with her two children, husband and two dogs. Although her most recent trip was to the East Coast, her favorite place to visit is still the Bellingham, WA area where she went to school, and her favorite local destination is Flathead Lake, MT.