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Odney Presents Results of Public Perception Survey in Minot

Friday Dec 20 2019

Odney conducted a public perception survey in Minot November 2019 and presented results to community partners and stakeholders to help guide the conversation about One Brand, a branding and image campaign for the community.

Brekka Kramer, a vice president at Odney, noted that perceptions of Minot are largely positive. “A positive for our community is that we’re not only seen as somewhat favorable or very favorable, but the fact that we are seen as growing and improving is a positive,” Kramer said.

Telephone interviews were conducted with 411 residents pulled from a randomly selected sample that includes both landlines and cell phones. The primary objectives included evaluating how Minot is perceived, measuring perceptions of specific aspects of Minot, and gauging priorities for community resources.

Results from the survey provide a starting point for conversations and decisions about what kind of unified brand, marketing strategy or image the invested organizations want to portray about Minot. Those partners include Visit Minot, Minot Area Chamber of Commerce, Minot Area Development Corporation, City of Minot and others.

Most residents had a favorable view of Minot; more than one-fourth viewed it very favorably and over half held a somewhat favorable opinion of the city. Two-thirds of residents considered Minot to be a city that is growing and improving; only one in ten felt it was on the decline.

Odney will hold follow-up meetings with partner organizations and will develop a multi-tiered marketing plan appropriate for the funding available and goals associated with the branding effort.
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