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Apple’s iOS 14 update and what it means for you

Tuesday Mar 16 2021

Big changes are in store for advertisers with Apple’s release of the iOS 14 operating systemThe changes allow iPhones and iPads users to control how they share their data, as well as who and what they share their data with. Users will now be prompted by their device to opt into or out of data collection for each app they use. Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and Twitter will now be required to ask users for permission to track their data.  


What this change means…

If users choose to opt-out of sharing data, those apps will have reduced ability to track site data and behavior with pixels. In response to these changes, social platforms like the ones named above are making changes to strategies and implementations in order to minimize lost data and allow marketers to track in new ways.  
The app that will undoubtedly take the biggest hit is Facebook. Which is why they’ve developed a new pixel measurement option called Aggregated Event Measurement. This new option allows advertisers to create tracking events and continue to use an attribution window for conversions, although going from 28 days to 7 days. Snapchat is also making changes to their advertising platform with new accounts and tracking options.  


What can we do to maintain the best tracking data to reach our audiences?

  • Verify pixel and domain tracking on all apps and stay up to date with the most recent tracking implementations. Social apps are doing an excellent job of educating users through this process. 
  • Evaluate current strategies for tracking conversions and consolidate events into one where it fits. Some social apps are limiting conversion events, so being concise is important.  
  • Install and utilize additional tracking (Google Analytics or Campaign Manager) as a checks and balance system for social apps.  
  • Be willing to adjust strategies and work with other social platforms to find the best mix for your audience. Consumer habits change frequently and it’s good to experiment in marketing to ensure the best delivery and frequency for your message.  
  • First-party data lists. Now, more than ever, it’s vital we work together to build first-party data lists, so we’re communicating directly with current and potential customers through the most effective channels.  

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