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Driving Results

Driving Results

Uber is a popular rideshare platform for connecting riders with drivers. This service has become popular across North Dakota and around the world. The platform helps riders get where they need to go quickly, easily, safely, while at the same time providing flexible earning opportunities for drivers. Proposed changes to regulations in other states provided uncertainty to companies and threatened the business model that transportation network companies rely on.

To ensure services could continue in North Dakota, Uber needed to clarify that drivers who work on these platforms are independent contractors. Uber engaged Odney’s public affairs team to help draft and introduce legislation that put into statute the current practices in the industry. Odney worked to find a legislative champion to introduce the bill along with supporters in both chambers to help the bill through the process. We worked with the sponsor on the bill draft, provided testimony and worked with legislators in the committees of jurisdiction to build support for the bill. 




    93-0 in the House.


    43-4 in the Senate.


    into law by Gov. Doug Burgum.