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Sober Driving Campaign Sings

December 2021 – September 2023
Sober Driving Campaign Sings

Research shows the effect of a motor vehicle crash on loved ones is one of the biggest motivators for North Dakotans not to drive impaired. So, it was especially effective when Odney and the North Dakota Department of Transportation Highway Safety Division (NDDOT) partnered with the North Dakota-to-Nashville singing duo, Tigirlily Gold, to remind audiences to drive sober or find a sober ride. 
Shortly after their song “Somebody Does” rocketed to the top of the iTunes chart with its lyrics, “You should know you’re somebody’s reason,” we built a campaign with Tigirlily telling audiences to “be the reason” everyone gets home safely to their families and friends who care about them. 
The NDDOT – Tigirlily campaign performed well and included TV, radio, social, and digital paid campaign elements along with posters, cover photos, earned and organic media.



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