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Media Planning / Buying

Media Planning / Buying

Maximizing reach and frequency is critical to success.

Media planning at Odney is a science. We combine research and experienced analysis of what each channel means in terms of demographics, target audiences, message delivery, reach and frequency. We are a full-service media buying agency and use our expertise to place digital media, television, cable, radio, print, out-of-home, sponsorships and a myriad of other opportunities that can be leveraged to effectively reach your audiences. We combine traditional media ratings, success metrics and industry trends to plan a comprehensive media strategy that reaches your target audiences in the media channels they consume.

Repetition is key to a successful media campaign. It's not enough for audiences to simply be exposed to your message. They must hear it and see it again and again, understand it and internalize it so they are motivated to take action. That’s Odney Smart.

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