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Digital Media

Digital Media

Delivering the right message in the right channels means knowing your audience.

Our digital team researches audience segments to find your target audience so you can be where it matters, when it matters. Online channels, devices, tactics and audience preferences are changing rapidly. The consumption of digital media continues to grow and the number of channels available requires a thorough review to get our clients the best results.

Our digital media team finds the most efficient channels for getting your message in front of your target audiences. We use geo, contextual and behavioral targeting to ensure your budget is not wasted on the wrong audience and we place ads with vendors that have a proven track record of driving traffic and conversions. We measure what matters to you and track our success while flights are running so adjustments can be made, if necessary, in real time.

We use the latest research and media-consumption trends along with our agency expertise to plan, place and create digital media that reaches your target audiences with a message designed to influence the way people think and act. That’s Odney Smart.

For more information please contact Kyle Niess.

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